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“Fashion” in the present world is not solely for celebrities or runway models. Today’s advanced media coverage is a huge mode of guidance for common people to the ever changing Fashion Trends every season. Women from every walk can emulate the designs by top-notch designers. Fashion forecasting is a worldwide career which is a hub of upcoming trends. Most of you are aware that fashion alters every season of every year which leads to modification in silhouettes, color trends, print combination, textures, graphics, […]

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Pen – Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

The ability to read and write has always been one of mankind’s greatest achievements. Reading and writing allowed for the recording, protection and spread of ideas, information and new discoveries. But we would never have been able to read about all these great inventions, discoveries and ideas if someone hadn’t first discovered how to write […]

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Ring In the New Year with These Festive Outfits

When the clock strikes midnight and you step into the New Year, leaving the old behind, you want to be dressed perfectly. Stepping into the New Year symbolises a new beginning and a time to make New Year’s resolutions. If you are into fashion, you probably want your resolution to be marked by good taste […]

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Get in. Shine on!

Wearing jewellery in some way makes a person feel more attractive or noticeable, and better.  A good necklace is an accessory which can turn your attire into a complete ethnic ensemble. There cannot be too much necklaces in jewellery box, so don’t miss a chance to save your money and to treat yourself with luxurious […]

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